About Proficient Strata Corp

Why Choose Proficient Strata Corp?

There are many reasons to switch over to Proficient Strata Corp and in a nutshell we give a “Whole Lot More for A Whole Lot Less.” Put simply, we focus on More Contact and Less Contract.

Specialised & Focused
We are specialised in Owners Corporation Management and are focussed and committed in providing with you with the best service and undivided attention. We’ve got the solutions and expertise to manage all your Owners Corporation needs.

We are fully licensed and hold the requisite Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Providing value for Money
As per our Goals & Vision, we aspire to be a brand name synonymous with providing you with high quality & specialised owners corporation management services at an affordable fee.

At the forefront of Technology & leveraging this to drive down cost
We leverage the use of cutting edge, state of the art technology to provide our clients with the best systems, self-service capability and comprehensive Owners Corporation/Strata Management services thus putting the power back in your hands. Our systems provide us with a quick dashboard of the health check of the Owners Corporations we manage, and we automate as much of the back office processes we can so that we can focus on giving you the undivided attention that you deserve.We have a commitment to investing in the best technologies including the most latest and industry leading strata management software systems.

More focus on Contact and Less focus on Contract
We emphasise more on contact and service and less on management contracts.Proficient Strata Corp uses the standard SCA management agreement with transparent and easy to understand fee structures with no hidden charges.
We do not believe in tying you down to long term contracts – we strongly believe in our service & value proposition and we believe this is the best way to ensure contract retention.

Easy to understand fee structures and pricing model
Our fee structures are easy to understand and not ambiguous, also all fees & charges will be clearly spelt out when presenting our management proposal. With Proficient Strata Corp there are no nasty surprises and the Owners Corporation has a better grasp of the anticipated expenditure for the year.

Transparency & Open Communication
We believe that transparency is paramount in establishing a honest and open relationship with you and the rest of the members, as such we believe in providing comprehensive financials and bank statements to the Owners Corporation as well as keeping the communication lines open with the Owners Corporation.

Variety of Levy Payment Options
Through our banking partner Macquarie Bank,we are able to offer lot owners with a variety of payment options including making payments via BPAY, Credit Card or at Australia Post.

Afterhours Emergency
Proficient Strata Corp through our Industry Partner provides our lot owners witha complimentary after hours emergency hotline that can assist with any common property related emergencies. Professional contractors will attend out of business hours to provide a prompt response to your emergency.

Client Commitment
Our clients are the reasons why we are in business and we never for a second lose sight of this. We have our clients in mind with every action we take and their satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Strive to Provide Best Value For Money
In line of our mission to be the lowest cost operator and most value for money Owners Corporation Management company in Victoria, we continuously strive to provide the best value for money for our clients and this is ingrained in us. Our value proposition is something that we are proud of and continue to build on.

We promise to be accessible when you need us, and will communicate with you accurately and concisely.

About Proficient Strata Corp

Our Strata Management, Your Peace of Mind!

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